Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fighting for all the wrong reasons....

I was sitting at home looking at this photo and I thought what is the point of all this death, distruction and tourcher. Some say it is for religion some say it is for freedom but if that is the case then shouldn't we all be entitled to our own beliefs and opinions. Alah, Jesus, buddah and the others all mean the same and have the same value in our lifes so what if we call it different names he/she/it is the same thing. People and families are being torn apart and being brought to tears all because of this conflict and what for just to say I am believe in god and he is the one and true god. I know there is also the fact that we can say we are free but do you think that this is the way we should do it is this the cost our governments are willing too pay to be free and to say our religion is the one true religion. Do people not see that killing people makes us no better than the enemy we are so badly trying to killing.

So I sit here thinking that why do we pay this price our own mother, fathers, brothers, sister are there on the front line fighting for all the wrong reasons

Dylan Swansson

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  1. Whenever there is a fundamental difference in the way people live and think there will be an argument over which way is the "Best" way and which way is the " Correct " way that EVERYONE should live, and yes ( on principle ) everyone should be able to live their lives as they wish even if others disagree with their choices.

    However ... when the weak or minority have THEIR equality and FREDOM supressed or taken from them and they are not big enough or strong enough to defend themselves then it is the moral responsibility and the " RIGHT " thing to do to help them defend themselves. Much the same as you would defend a kid in Junior school being bullied by a Senior or one of your friends being harassed because they were not Australian Born.

    Same argument mate but just on a global scale.